Applied Martial Art Concepts

It is very rare that you hear that you were in the same room with a Martial arts expert that holds 4 black belts from 4 very lethal martial arts. I had the pleasure to work with Kevin Costello during his AMAC Self-defense class. By far the most stimulating and fun class I have participated in. Not only is Kevin extremely knowledgeable when it comes to applying the flaws of human anatomy against you, but his teaching style gives you insight on dangerous everyday social situations (getting grabbed at a bar, walking to your car alone at night....etc.) and provides a plan when/if you happen to ever be in that situation. 

This class has all the tools necessary to train and entertain people from all ages, gender, and experience. Kevin is patient and delivers the right personal touch to make everyone feel a part of the class. If you want to explore how to develop confidence and a good relationship with yourself I would suggest getting started with AMAC.

Saman Ebrahimzadeh
Fitness & Nutritional Professional

Self-defense with Kevin and Sam was something I looked forward to every single week. Every time I left the hour-long class, I felt strong, powerful and more knowledgeable about defending myself. The instructors were super friendly and very passionate about sharing their experience and skills with us. They were open to any scenarios we wanted to discuss, or moves we wanted to try. Although self-defense is a serious topic, the instructors still made the class fun. The attention they gave every single participant is so valuable, and I know that I really appreciated the one-on-one feedback. After completing this course, I feel that I am better prepared to use self-defense if I need to. I would definitely recommend this class to both corporate settings and anyone who is interested in being able to defend themselves! I can’t wait for this class to start up again in the Fall!
-Sydney Turner, NACCME

Applied Martial Art Concepts has definitely elevated my ground game to the next level. My own personal ground game was much weaker and flawed until I started working with Sensei Kevin. Before AMA Concepts, I grew increasingly frustrated with the fact that I was losing matches on the ground much more frequently than standing up. With AMA Concepts, I saw myself capitalizing on split second opportunities to win matches that could potentially not have been in my favor.  Not only does Sensei Kevin bring his own comprehensive arsenal of techniques and abilities, but also caters every technique and method to each person and their specific goals. Through Strategic Ground Applications (SGA), I was able to enhance my ground fundamentals and close the gaps in my strategy. I went from being vulnerable and exposed on the mat to being educated and prepared for any situation that arises. I highly attribute my success at higher levels to Sensei Kevin. I believe AMA Concepts gave me the tools help me win key matches and jump from #7 to #3 ranking on the USA Judo National Roster in my weight category. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their game.

Salama Salem
USA Judo Athlete